Day 2 came to a close after a seemingly endless string of new service announcements. The transition of AWS from the traditional perception as a compute and storage “cloud” to that of an advanced development platform is in full swing.

  1. AWS PrivateLink – VPC Endpoints for Your Own Applications & Services. An important announcement extending PrivateLink by “allowing you to set up and use VPC Endpoints to access your own services and those made available by others.” While initial reaction centered around the ever shrinking attack vectors the PrivateLink Update enables, it quickly turned to the additional benefit dramatically decreasing environment complexity. Never underestimate the importance of integrated IP space. Ever.
  2. AppSync. Improving the ability of applications to work offline or, more importantly, in areas or environments where connectivity is spotty, well done. This is a critical capability for modern apps and end-user expectations made significantly easier if you are building on the AWS platform.
  3. Sumerian. The most forward-looking development platform announcement, Sumerian offers significant, long-term potential for developers as virtual environments increase in importance for business applications. While the consumer adoption of VR/AR environments continues to receive the majority of the press in this area, watch closely in the enterprise / business app space as significant breakthroughs are introduced in the next 12-18 months.

That’s all for Day 2! We’ll be back again, tomorrow.

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