How to determine your power requirements

One of the hardest concepts when considering data center colocation is determining how much power equipment needs. There are many ways to find out what your power requirements are, but no matter what method you use, all computations involve three electrical concepts:...

Scaling ZFS on Linux to many CPUs

As servers have gained CPU cores, locking within OpenZFS has become a bottleneck for some highly-parallel workloads. This posting describes my entree to the world of high-concurrency performance testing of ZFS on Linux (ZoL). In February 2015, I posted the first pull...

5 Keys for Successful Startup Partnerships

How many times have you started an email, text, or phone call with this statement:Sorry I’m so behind in getting back to you…More times than you can count, right?We’ve all been there.Don’t worry. Having worked with more than a handful of startups (some successful,...


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