Three years ago we were asked a relatively simple question

“Can you get me out of the infrastructure business?”

The answer to this question was a function of migrating applications and infrastructure from a customer-site, customer-managed environment to ServerCentral managed infrastructure located in a ServerCentral managed data center. Simple enough. Basic migrations that sometimes remained on bare metal, and sometimes transitioned to fully virtualized environments. Private cloud at its finest, if you will.

Today, however, we are asked a very different question, one that isn’t anywhere near as simple,

“Where should I put each workload to optimize performance, maximize flexibility / agility / ability to scale, minimize cost and be sure my security / compliance requirements are addressed?”

The answer to this question is a function of significantly more analysis, assessment and strategy.

Why do we bring this up? Another good question.

We’re bringing this topic up because it reflects the natural evolution of ServerCentral – helping companies by providing the right infrastructure for their applications, available in the right places at the right times in order to help them realize the right results for their business.

Just a few years ago helping our customers was typically about a single migration from location A to location B. Today, helping our customers means having an ever increasing foundation upon which we can architect, deliver, manage and scale solutions on their behalf. 

What does this mean for you?

This means we’re going to be asking a lot more questions … but it is all part of making sure that you have exactly what you need, where you need it, to achieve your objectives.

Since ServerCentral is a services company, we are continually working to be in the best possible position to enable your organization with all of the infrastructure elements needed, without making your organization reliant upon any one hardware, network or cloud platform.

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