We would never say we told you so. 

But if we were to say something to that effect, we’d probably point to our long history of promoting hybrid cloud instead of an all-or-nothing approach. Hypothetically.

It’s not like we’re soothsayers. We’ve just been around long enough to know that embracing nuance is usually the way to go. Cloud is incredible at what it’s incredible at, and costly for the workloads that other approaches (IaaS, Managed VMware, Colocation) handle just fine. At Deft, we’ve always been candid about that with our customers and it has allowed us to build a business that embraces cloud, so we can support our partners through hyperscale bursts, repatriation moves, and everything in between. 

How Deft brings hyperscale and hosted cloud together

While we may be too old to be trendy, like wide jeans and middle parts, Deft has stuck with hybrid cloud long enough for it to become cool again. And that is, frankly, a nice position to be in. We have the years of expertise to help our partners navigate a total reconsideration of cloud without resorting to knee-jerk repatriation, and the capabilities to help private cloud clients enjoy the benefits of hyperscale cloud without committing to big monthly bills. 

In a Deft environment, public cloud is literally right there. We have direct connections to all the major cloud providers at our data centers, so we can deliver better connections faster than our clients could get with their own private cloud setup. When a client sees a surge in traffic, we can pull in hyperscale public cloud resources to handle it immediately and cost-effectively. And we can include that bursting capability in our planning from the beginning. 

Basically, we’re platform agnostic. Whatever the best solution is for your business, we provide it. Deft can look at the resources you have now and provide an honest cloud assessment, then actually help you design and implement that system in whatever form it takes. And when you’ve migrated to the environment that’s right for you — private cloud, colocation, public cloud or most likely a combination — we can continue to help you assess the mix of resources you’re using.

Today’s hybrid cloud strategy won’t be tomorrow’s

Our general advice has stayed the same for close to 10 years now: Use the parts of cloud and of colo that work for you, mixing and matching to create a hybrid cloud environment that gives you the best of both worlds. The specifics of what that looks like, however, have changed enormously in the last 10 years — even in the last 10 days. The idea of a solid, static infrastructure sitting on servers is long gone, as is the notion of moving everything and letting the cloud sort it out. 

When you work with a service provider like Deft, nothing has to be static. Our team is constantly updating and upgrading what you have, and exploring what’s next for infrastructure. Because we have data centers and cloud connections already in place, spinning up resources doesn’t require a full procurement process and six-month shipping delay. We don’t work instantly, but our Remote Hands do work constantly. We can get you what you need, and because of our scale, we can usually get it for you more cost-effectively than you could for yourself

With Deft, you don’t have to keep up with the latest threats and features. You just need to tell us what your business is hoping to accomplish. We’ll do the rest. 

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