Enterprises can implement real WAN architectures.

AWS Global Accelerator —  route traffic across regions more easily

  • Wayne Geils, Solutions Architect Manager at ServerCentral: Fail between regions in <1 minute.
  • Brendan Caulfield, COO at Turing Group: Pay per accelerator plus Data Transfer Premium.
  • Josh Quint, Director of Cloud Solutions at Turing Group: Route user traffic to closest healthy app endpoint.

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AWS Graviton — Arm-based processors (via new A1 instances) for the public cloud

  • Wayne: Time to short-sell INTC? ?
  • Brendan: Ideal for scale-out workloads.
  • Josh: Finally, an Arm server processor working at scale on cloud.

AWS Transit Gateway — a network transit hub for interconnecting VPCs and VPNs within the same account or across accounts

  • Wayne: Finally, enterprises can implement real WAN architectures.
  • Brendan: Bridge software and infrastructure across cloud and on-premise locations.
  • Josh: Build connections between Virtual Private Clouds, wherever the resources live.

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C5n instances with 100 Gbps networking — low latency and high throughput for demanding applications

  • Wayne: Massive instances with huge network capacity for AI & HPC workloads.
  • Brendan: Making AWS viable for latency-sensitive applications…finally.
  • Josh: Memory access speed boosted ≤19% vs. C5 and C5d.

Firecracker — lightweight virtualization for serverless computing

  • Wayne: Micro-instances for a micro-architecture world.
  • Brendan: Evolution in serverless — before most even understand the need.
  • Josh: Allows running containers as Lambdas.

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