If you’re going to AWS re:Invent 2018, winging it is a sure-fire way to walk away with nothing useful for you or the company you’re representing.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of the conference:

  • Understand how your company uses AWS. This will be crucial for knowing when and where to get your news. Last year, Amazon made 52 announcements (!) about AWS, so prioritize your sessions and plan ahead.
  • Based on how your company uses AWS, know what announcements to look for and understand which ones will affect your business.
  • Plan ahead of time to meet with relevant third-party vendors and partners who will be exhibiting or attending. Use a map to find out where they are on the show floor and block time in your day to stop by.
  • Identify industry trends ahead of the show and some thought leaders in that space. You’ll want to catch them if they’re speaking.
  • Work smarter: Leverage colleagues, friends, and peers for advice/insight on sessions and announcements. Especially those that you will inevitably miss.
  • Research last year’s vendors and announcements. Visit them this year to see how they evolved. Did customers catch on? Is your company on-pace with competitors?
  • Bonus tip: Take what you learned, and create an action plan. How will you use the announcements at AWS to make your company better? (Hint: all of your competitors are thinking about this at the show.)

If you’re going to be there, let us know — we’d love to see you at our 9-ball event!



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