Managed VMware, Powered by Deft is exactly that, a secure, resilient and fully managed VMware environment that is architected, deployed, managed, scaled and supported by Deft’s VMware-certified experts.

We provide comprehensive configuration, management, administration, and support of private, hybrid or multi-tenant VMware environments.

How does Managed VMware work?

It’s simple!

  1. You select how much compute, memory, storage, and bandwidth you need.
  2. You select the location for your deployment.
  3. You select whether you need a multi-tenant environment, a hybrid environment or a private environment

…and then we take care of everything else.

What does Deft actually manage?

We manage all of the infrastructure for the VMware environment including all hardware, the VMware virtualization platform, security, network performance, and the operating systems on your VMs. We take care of everything up your application.

Do you provide OS licenses?

If you have the OS licenses you want / need, bring them with you! If not, we have them for you.

Do you back up Managed VMware environments?

Yes! We provide a proven, regularly tested backup strategy so you can recover in a timely manner.

Do you secure my VMware environment?

Yes! We provide security management for all Managed VMware environments. Please note, we do not provide or address in-app security. This particular service is focused on the environment, not the application.

Where can I deploy a Managed VMware environment?

Multi-tenant Managed VMware environments can be deployed in:

  • San Jose, California
  • Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • Ashburn, Virginia

Private Managed VMware environments can be deployed in any of our core data center locations including

  • San Jose, California
  • Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • London, England
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Sydney, Australia
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Frankfurt, Germany

If you need a Managed VMware solution in a different location, let’s talk. We can make that happen, too.

Where should I deploy my Managed VMware environment?

With our Managed VMware solutions, you can deploy in population-dense geographies – locations where your customers are most likely to be located – or you can deploy in network-dense geographies, locations where the key peering points of the Internet are located – places like Chicago, IL, Ashburn Virginia and San Jose, CA. The choice is yours.

When your business expands internationally, the same conditions hold true – and you can address a large geographic expansion via Cloud Acceleration from our Edge Locations. This is a unique way to deliver access with the quality of service that your customers and end users expect, regardless of where they’re located. Instead of spinning up resources around the world – in most cases – we can use intelligent network design and cloud acceleration to provide service levels that will exceed your expectations, and those of your customers and partners.

There are several dependencies here, so let’s talk! We’re here to help you find the right solution for your business.

What are common use cases for private vs. multi-tenant Managed VMware?

Private Managed VMware is the right choice when security, compliance, and performance are top concerns.

Multi-Tenant Managed VMware is ideal for businesses that want to extend their existing VMware environment to new geographies, or simply get out of managing VMware altogether.

The main difference between the two services is performance. Private Managed VMware environments are going to be more performant than Multi-Tenant Managed VMware environments.

What operating systems do you support?

We support Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, virtual appliances, and any other operating system that’s legal! If you’re unsure how we would work with your chosen OS, let’s talk.

What VMware interfaces / applications can I use?

All Managed VMware clients use native VMware Management Consoles. You’ll use the vCenter (Multi-Tenant) and vCloud Director (Private) apps and interfaces you’re familiar with. There is no learning curve in working with our solutions.

How do I integrate a Managed VMware environment from Deft with existing systems?

You can connect any Deft Managed VMware environment to all existing infrastructure and cloud(s), no matter where they live.

Both Private Managed VMware and Multi-Tenant Managed VMware environments directly connect to your existing physical infrastructure and to third-party carriers or clouds via direct, 100-Gbps cloud-connects. 

Can I connect a Managed VMware environment to a public cloud or another private cloud?

Yes! Both Private Managed VMware and Multi-Tenant Managed VMware environments directly connect to your existing physical infrastructure and to third-party carriers or clouds via direct, 100-Gbps cloud-connects. 

Do you handle platform upgrades?

Yes! We handle all VMware platform upgrades. We also make sure all hypervisor-related software is supported and migrated to supported versions so VMware for backups, Zerto for DR, Horizon View for VDI (and other key components of your environment) remain aligned and fully supported.

What compliance does Deft support?

Deft is a SOC 2 audited company and PCI-DSS compliant. Our annual SOC 2 audit serves as the foundation for helping customers satisfy vendor management needs and meet their own compliance requirements, including HIPAA.

What if I have another question?

Great! We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Just let us know when you’re available.

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