AWS re:Invent is a whirlwind event. From Nov. 27th through Dec 1st, it’s nonstop sessions, meetings and learnings all set against the never-stop Las Vegas background.

This year we will be providing a few quick insights on the thoughts and concepts that stood out the most at the end of each very busy day.

For day one, here are two observations provided by Wayne Geils, ServerCentral’s Manager of Solutions Architects.

  1. Companies move to cloud seeking either innovation or cost savings. These are two very distinct starting points. Yet, 2-3 years into the cloud transition, companies find both (more often than not).
  2. People and Process are consistently highlighted as the biggest stumbling blocks to cloud success. Companies that seek transformation to the cloud as a People and Process problem, not just a technology platform, tend to see much faster adoption and more significant wins along the way. Comparatively, technologies and vendor choices are less significant and, as noted in a number of different conversations, tend to be rather unimportant.

Stay tuned for more.

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