If you read the news lately, it seems like every corporate board across the country is adding Chief Information Security Officer to the ranks of their C-suite. The bailiwick of the CIO — Information Security — is now the de facto buzzword of the post-Heartbleed world.

While that’s all well and good for the publicly-traded giants of Wall Street, where does that leave small business owners and startups with just a few servers to secure?

There are three major threats affecting small businesses today when it comes to their information security:

  1. Malware and viruses
  2. Intrusion attempts
  3. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

Any company, large or small, that accepts credit cards over the Internet has a fiduciary responsibility to protect against all three types of threats.

Buried in merchant agreements is a line putting the small business — not Visa or MasterCard — on the hook for fraudulent charges and chargebacks caused by a breach of that responsibility.

The network configuration and monitoring screens of Chris Haun, ServerCentral Network Engineer

Quarterly scans, industry-standard equipment, and a watchful eye on your systems are required to meet the security requirements of your contract — and that’s where we can help.

Our offerings for small online businesses cover all three attacks, giving you the same peace of mind brought by a Chief Information Security Officer — without the seven-figure salary.

We can stop attacks before they can breach your perimeter with our Managed Network Service, and we can stop Denial of Service attacks dead in their tracks with our DDoS Mitigation Service. We’ll even help you sell your security to your clients through Compliance Engagements, demonstrating that we really are the best at securing your data.

There’s a reason that the biggest and the best eCommerce companies like Shopify trust ServerCentral with their data, whether it’s in the cloud or a dedicated server stack. Contact us to talk about ways to address your small business challenges.

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