Editor’s note: This post was originally published in July 2021 and has been updated to reflect recent progress.

Deft Customer Portal login screens
We’re getting closer to rolling out an updated Customer Portal for all users. The updated Portal will make it easier for you to open cases with greater detail from the start. This allows Deft to respond to your needs and provide better customer support that improves your overall experience. Prior to the rollout date, all users will receive an email with further instructions, including:
  • The exact rollout date
  • The new Customer Portal URL
  • Your new user ID
  • A temporary password (you will be prompted to reset it)

How will these changes affect me?

We expect this change to better meet your needs. All current functionalities will be preserved or enhanced. Greater automation capabilities will allow Deft to ultimately provide faster support.

What’s the best way to get support from Deft?

While you may have sent an email to request support in the past, we encourage everyone to create a case through the customer portal. The portal is a much better option, with robust support workflows and tailored forms based on the services you have in place, allowing you to route support requests to the right assignment team within Deft for timely response.

Will I still receive email notifications with support ticket updates?

Yes, ticket status email messages will continue to be sent to anyone on a ticket watch list. Note: In the new platform, support tickets are called cases.

What will happen to my company’s support tickets?

All open tickets will be ported to the new Portal as part of the pre-cutover maintenance window. Closed tickets will be archived and available (with read-only access) through links within the new Portal.

What will this mean for Deft phone support?

While you can always call our main support line 24/7, submitting a ticket through the Portal will be the most efficient way to request support. Our support number will remain the same: +1 (312) 895-3005.

Will I still interact with the same Deft folks who provide my support today?

You bet. The people who know your systems and processes haven’t changed, so you can rest assured that your Deft technical support team is here to stay.

How can I learn how to use the new platform?

We will provide training and support resources to make sure there’s no disruption on your end. We will also have additional staff available to you during the migration to field requests. If you have any questions or concerns about this shift to a new platform, please reach out to me directly and I’ll be sure to follow up right away. Thank you for being a Deft customer. We look forward to supporting you on—and off—this new platform.


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