DevOps supports the applications, infrastructure and, most importantly, the business … but who is supporting DevOps?

Today, every organization, big and small, is scrambling to establish their DevOps strategy. The promise of smooth collaboration and communication between devs, IT and the business is simply too good to pass up – and that’s before we even begin talking about effective orchestration of technology and business processes. DevOps is showing tremendous promise to support – and transform – organizations.

However, with this much pressure being put on DevOps shoulders, we have to ask,

“Who is supporting DevOps?”

Far and away the biggest learning from this year’s DevOpsDays Chicago.

The infrastructure, tools and processes necessary to insure your platform is built to make your DevOps – and your company – successful don’t happen by accident. What is needed is significant additional support for DevOps teams so they can fulfill their mission. This is where your choice in infrastructure, tools and process design becomes critical … this is where you need your own support structure … this is why we’re here.

If you feel we may be able to help, please let us know.

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