Leading religious organization relies on Deft’s Backup and Recovery Service for Microsoft 365

A top religious organization in the U.S. now recovers Office 365 data in minutes with Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Service from Deft.

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“We had zero strategies in place for data loss.”

Even Microsoft recommends using a backup service for Microsoft 365 data. With threats like ransomware, malware and user error constantly looming, having a backup strategy for Microsoft 365 data is critical.

No one understood that better than an IT leader at one of the leading religious organizations in the United States.

Whenever a user, file, or email was compromised, it took her team hours to recover it — if it was recoverable at all. She had requested funding for a proper Microsoft 365 backup and recovery service, but the request was repeatedly denied.

“My job is to keep our IT systems online. I can’t do that without a backup and recovery plan that works.”

She knew it wasn’t a matter of if the organization’s IT assets would be compromised — it was when. The next serious incident would take the organization offline, and her employment status could easily go with it. She decided to take matters into her own hands and drafted a letter:

Executive Leadership:

You have repeatedly refused to approve funds for a Microsoft 365 backup and recovery plan, leaving [ORG] vulnerable to rampant ransomware, malware, user errors, accidental deletions, and more. Implementing protective services would allow us to survive these threats with minimal to no interruption. Yet you are opting to decline such protections entirely, putting all of [ORG’s] business data at risk. As such, [ORG] cannot hold me personally or professionally liable in the likely event of critical data loss.

This time, they approved her funding request.



“Deft gave us unlimited access to their solution architects. Their team’s expertise and availability did the internal selling for me.”

  • Microsoft 365 backups, storage, and licensing for 2,000 employees
  • On-demand restores of Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive for Business data, including critical emails, files, conversations, projects, tasks, permission/configuration changes, and other Microsoft 365 assets
Managed Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 Business Reference Architecture


“We went from no plan, waiting for the day when everything would fail, to an org that can (and does) survive that sort of thing.”

  • Job security for the in-house IT team responsible for business continuity
  • Zero risk of losing access to data, from the entire Microsoft 365 org to individual users, folders, and files
  • Ability to remove unintended permission or configuration changes via security roll-backs
  • Recoveries take minutes instead of hours
  • Customized RTO/RPOs per item type

Looking Ahead:

“Anyone who works in IT can tell you how frequently issues happen. I’m no longer worried about ransomware or storage and server failures.”

With a Microsoft 365 backup and recovery strategy in place, the IT team can actually spend time on other important improvements. Recovering a backup is just one phone call or Slack message away.

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