Learn how a Managed VMware Cloud from Deft met Verito’s strict financial compliance requirements.

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Providing managed cloud solutions tailored to financial services can be challenging. We spoke with Jatin Narang, CEO of Verito, to learn more about the company its customers, and how Deft met the high-end security needs for global finance.


Verito Technologies specializes in turnkey hosting solutions for accounting and tax applications, and it needed a partner to help on the backend.

Verito chose to work with Deft because we were able to meet both of its requirements for data center compliance and customer service.

Q: Tell us about how you started Verito.

I have a background in call-center infrastructure in the B2C financial services industry. This gave me an extensive network of contacts and skills, and I saw an opportunity to translate them to financial services on the B2B side.

Q: What was the catalyst for Verito to become focused on hosting tax software?

Tax software has extremely intense data center security standards and is typically not cloud-ready. There was a lot of pain in the industry because none of the standard software could give firms full desktop application functionality across many access points. We recognized the need for a highly specialized cloud solution.

Q: Why specialize so deeply?

We believe that general ideas only lead to general solutions. Accounting and tax professionals need specialized solutions. By focusing on providing excellent service to this niche industry, we were able to deliver a solution our clients previously thought was impossible.

Q: What were the technical challenges Verito was facing when you went looking for a partner?

Data center regulatory compliance was absolutely critical, but as a startup, the amount of secured infrastructure required was huge. We needed a partner who understood security from the ground up, and who could bring their infrastructure expertise. The nature of tax and accounting software is very unique and requires rigorous government standards. Deft has the rare ability to support totally turnkey clouds so we can focus on providing great customer service.

Q: What was the business challenge Verito was looking to solve?

The biggest hurdle we faced when seeking a data center partner was finding a mutual understanding of the values and services each company can provide. While Verito and Deft provide similar services, we are not competitors as Verito specializes in a specific niche — a niche we can serve better with Deft’s data center experience and comprehensive compliance capabilities.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Deft?

Finding the right partner meant finding someone who is as dedicated to excellent customer experience as we are. Customer service is the foundation and core of everything we do at Verito and we believe we found a partner with a similar mindset in Deft. We polled other organizations to find the most trusted data center and Deft was unanimously recommended.

Q: Once a company begins the transition to an enterprise cloud platform and begins working with a new partner, lots of things change. What did you learn during this process?

When we dug into SLAs and operating performance, we saw something we didn’t expect — an organization that exceeded our expectations! We realized the benefit of having an infrastructure partner that meets our needs, especially in colocation security standards.

Q: What was the biggest opportunity you discovered for Verito?

By transitioning out of data center operations we were able to focus on delivering high-quality service. We are able to solve more challenges more quickly by focusing on the customer experience rather than worrying about infrastructure logistics.

Q: Where do you see Verito in three years?

We believe there is value in hosting specialized applications and these “niche” markets will only become more abundant as AI and remote working become more common. We are currently expanding into legal and medical verticals providing the same specialized services that our existing customers have come to know and love. We are expanding our R&D team to more quickly evaluate, analyze, and execute on new verticals as they arise.

Q: What role do you see the consumerization of enterprise cloud solutions playing in this evolution?

We know that our customers are extremely bright but not IT experts. We take care of the nitty-gritty enterprise IT issues so they can focus on providing excellent value to their customers. We believe that being constantly available as issues arise is extremely critical as we see many of our competitors struggle to keep up with our excellent standards.

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Deft?

I would recommend Deft because of their commitment to customer service. Providing excellent customer service is our top priority and we’ve found a partner with a similar mindset in Deft. Their service, support, and operations are rock solid.

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