Digital Transformation

Wherever your business is now, we can help you move to where it needs to be.

Digital transformation isn’t a product you can buy.

It’s when businesses implement new technologies that improve or replace whatever they had before.

Have you ever had to print, sign, and scan a contract instead of using a digital signature? Have you ever had to pick up paperwork from the doctor’s office when you know that information should be available online?

When technology is missing, the world notices. Digital transformation helps companies stay relevant in a competitive tech landscape.

“Florence and Deft are clear partners in growing this smart locker business for Florence. We looked at them to provide us with the technical guidance that we use with potential customers so we understand what the interfaces are between our systems and their systems. We also look to Deft to help us understand where the technologies are going so we are now using AWS cloud services to help us in our order processing on the manufacturing floor.”

Kevin Fee
VP of Engineering at Florence Corp

“We’re using AWS in our manufacturing environment. That isn’t something we had anticipated — it’s something new Deft brought to the table. It’s made our manufacturing facility a lot more efficient, which was an unexpected benefit.”

Kevin Fee
VP of Engineering at Florence Corp

An intentional strategy for your digital transformation journey makes all the difference

Digital transformation is a process, not a destination. We believe it’s better to transform slowly with a purpose than it is to transform impulsively without a vision. Here are three small steps you can take to begin your journey:

1. Support a DevOps culture

90% of organizations that try to implement DevOps without addressing the company culture will fail. So how do you build a DevOps culture?

Start by having your developers shadow the operations team during a production rollout. This gives your dev team a feel for what it’s really like to work in operations, and it’s a powerful way to open up communication between teams.

2. Focus on innovation

Experimentation is at the root of innovation, and it sets up a better chance for digital transformation success. That’s why it’s important to foster an ability to innovate internally at your organization.

This means having some tolerance for risk and failure (within the limits of your business objectives and customer needs).

3. Understand the goals

Define what you’re trying to achieve out of a digital transformation. Then, consider what it would actually take to make that happen. Ask yourself:

  • How are your departments split up, and how do they talk to each other?
  • How close is your current application architecture to your ideal application architecture?
  • What new functionalities do you need?
  • How often do you need to be able to release updates?

“Moving to the cloud, or transforming your business, is not something to be taken lightly. It takes time, attention to detail and comprehensive planning to be successful. Lift and shift has proven, time and again, to fail to deliver value. Deft recognized this and has put together an offering for helping companies navigate the complex process of moving to the cloud, managing their cloud infrastructure, and transforming their business processes.”

Dan Thompson, Research Director for Multi-Tenant Datacenter (MTDC) at 451 Research

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