Managed AWS Direct Connect

Get secure, fast connectivity between Deft data centers and your AWS environments.

Connect your infrastructure in Deft's global data centers directly to AWS

Managed AWS Direct Connect from Deft connects our data centers to all AWS regions around the world. Choose from 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or 10 Gbps connections, each offering ultra-high reliability, stability, and performance.

Minimize Bandwidth Costs

Reduce your network costs by transferring data to and from AWS directly.


Consistent Network Performance

Choose the data that utilizes AWS Direct Connect and customize routing on an app-by-app basis.

24/7/365 Monitoring & Support

System administrators and network engineers keep you connected and your connection optimized.

Deft's network provides the rock-solid reliability your business needs

Customers can access constantly-updated stats on network utilization, availability, and more.


Full line-rate port speeds

Multiple Tier 1 transit providers in every PoP


Privately-owned DWDM infrastructure with diverse capacity on all routes


Native dual-stack IPv4/v6


Any-to-Any architecture supported by VPLS

High-availability and high-performance network backed by carrier-grade routers

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The Managed AWS Volume Storage Gateway expands the use case for S3 from Object Storage and makes it usable as a storage volume which can be asynchronously backed up as point-in-time snapshots and stored in the cloud as Amazon EBS snapshots. The Volume Storage Gateway presents applications with storage volumes using the iSCSI block protocol. Schedules can be set for snapshots. They can be created via the AWS Management Console or the service API. All snapshot storage is encrypted and compressed to minimize storage charges. This enables S3 to function as a standard, iSCSI storage appliance in support of comprehensive backup and recovery operations

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The Managed AWS Virtual Tape Library (VTL) expands the use case for S3 from Object Storage and makes it usable as a s an industry-standard iSCSI-based virtual tape library (VTL), consisting of a virtual media changer and virtual tape drives. The Managed AWS VTL Gateway enables enterprises to use existing backup applications and workflows while writing to a nearly limitless collection of virtual tapes. Each virtual tape is stored in Amazon S3. When immediate or frequent access to data contained on a virtual tape is no longer required, a backup application can move it from the Storage Gateway VTL into an archive tier that sits on top of Amazon Glacier cloud storage, further reducing storage costs.

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Are you getting the most out of S3, EBS, and Glacier? Managed AWS Direct Connect from Deft gets you much more than object storage from these platforms.




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