Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Service

It’s your data — protect it.


Even Microsoft recommends using a third-party service to backup Microsoft 365 data.

Without off-site backups, your Microsoft 365 data is vulnerable to ransomware attacks, human error, and other devastating causes of data loss. 

Need an easy way to backup and recover your Microsoft 365 data? Deft’s Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Service is it.

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Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 is one of the most used SaaS platforms on the planet.

Most organizations are confident running their business with it — but Microsoft doesn’t back up all data automatically. Managed Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 keeps your data protected.

Full Management

  • Configuration, administration, and monitoring by Deft’s engineers

Restore Anywhere

  • Option to restore to Microsoft 365, on-prem, or to Deft-managed cloud or colo

24/7/365 Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting on infrastructure health and performance metrics


  • Access to 24/7 Service Desk support for all recovery requests

Get reliable backups for the software that your business depends on.

Whether you’re running Microsoft on-prem or via the 365 Business service, Deft’s partnership with Veeam gives you the best option for never losing your Microsoft 365 data again.

15 minute

Back up Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams as often as you need to meet any RPO requirement

Clean traffic

Give each data set its own backup policy and schedule through tiered backup policies

Geo Redundancy

Copy backups to a secondary storage location or even across clouds for boosted resilience


Recover data anywhere, including its original location or to somewhere else entirely


All backup and restores can meet your unique compliance and governance requirements


Recover anything, from your entire Microsoft 365 org to individual users, folders, and files


Bulk-recover multiple Microsoft 365 users at once to minimize downtime and effort

2 minutes

Our default retention is set to 3 years, not 14 days

“Deft gave us unlimited access to their solution architects. Their team’s expertise and availability did the internal selling for me.”

Largest Religious Campus Org. in the U.S.

How it Works

Backups are performed in secure, SOC 2-compliant data centers.

In business, the worst-case scenario is something you should never have to think about. Deft’s Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Service allows you to recover anything to any location, including multiple users’ data at once.

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Rely on Deft to backup and recover your Microsoft 365 data.

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