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37signals left the cloud for Deft. Now, they save over $1 mil/year.

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Here’s why companies like and FreshBooks choose Deft:


If we determine that a migration is the right move, our certified team can perform the entire cloud and/or data center migration for you.


We have 24+ years of experience migrating complex IT infrastructures for SMBs and Fortune 500s. It shows.


We're the provider of choice for a certain 3-letter government agency. Our security? Top tier.


You can actually talk to our senior engineers on the phone (or Slack or email) when you need help. We don't like phone trees, either.


We provide 100% uptime SLAs on power and network service.


We're Type II AT-101 SOC 2-audited and PCI DSS-compliant.

Did we mention the assessment is free?

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“We stand to save $7m over five years from our cloud exit.”

David H. Hansson, 37signals

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