AWS Migration Service

An AWS cloud migration by SCTG means moving only what you need. Ever move a box to a new house only to realize two years later that you never opened it? An AWS cloud migration is like that, except AWS charges you to store that box every single day.

I Need Help Moving to AWS

A move to AWS is an opportunity — one that you’re not going to get again for a long time. Lifting and shifting what you already have will only waste it.

When we take our first look at how to migrate a customer’s applications to AWS, we start with the business questions:

  • Which cloud platform provides the best benefits to reach my goals?
  • How do I know if my legacy or planned application is viable in the cloud?
  • What are the financial considerations for going to the cloud? How can I afford it?
  • What are some business operations changes and challenges with the cloud?
  • What effects does cloud adoption have on security and compliance?

If we ask you what you have, you may tell us you have 402 servers to move. If we know what problems you’re trying to solve, we can tell you it will only take 134. That’s not a hypothetical scenario — that was 66% savings for a real client. It happens all the time.

AWS assessments take time.

That’s not what anyone wants to hear. Yes, we may ask you to spend three months on an up-front cloud assessment, but we may be able to start your migration shortly after we begin the assessment. In either case, spending three months now to shave a year off the total AWS cloud migration time? Now that’s just good math.

AWS isn’t always the cure. But we’ll let you know if that’s the case.

We would love to tell you a move to AWS will make you money. It might not.

Sometimes it saves on soft costs, like people assigned to on-prem infrastructure support can now do other things. Sometimes it’s more expensive, but it works so much better that it’s ROI-positive. That’s why SCTG focuses on uncovering your business and technology problems first.

Finding the right cloud migration strategy

If you ask Amazon for a solution, you’ll get an AWS-branded hammer. If you ask SCTG, we’ll open up the whole toolbox.

Our structured pre-migration cloud assessment covers:

  • Core infrastructure
  • Networking and security
  • Applications
  • Overall business and IT governance considerations
  • Cost containment considerations
  • Security and compliance requirements

That way, we can find the tools, technologies and approach that works best for your business.

An AWS cloud migration starts with a detailed assessment.

If you pick Deft for cloud assessment, know that we’ll deliver a plan any provider can pick up and use, and training if you want to use it yourself.

Even the table of contents is comprehensive:

Cost breakdown

Project Description

Technology and Automated Data Collection
Interview and Information Discovery Sessions

Security Governance and Compliance
Company Cloud Account Structure
The Cloud Target Environment
Company’s Cloud Network Infrastructure
Application Migrations

Host Monitoring
Cost and Utilization Monitoring
Cloud Native Monitoring
Endpoint Availability Monitoring

Network Connectivity
Storage & Bandwidth Costs
Desktop Virtualization and VDI Performance
Storage Timeline
Recognition of Unforeseen Challenges
The Cloud Expertise

Data Center Migration
Cloud Storage
VDI Infrastructure
Periodic Infrastructure Reviews
Disaster Recovery and Resiliency

Deft Team/Contributors

Deft Overview
Core Service Catalog
Digital Transformation Methodology
Global Reach, Local Service
Deft Security Practice

Let’s work together!

Let’s migrate you to AWS in the smartest way possible.