Network Connectivity

Connect your business to a secure, high-speed network that literally never goes down.

Deft designs resilient custom network architectures to meet your ever-evolving interconnection requirements. By directly connecting into all major cloud services, peering with major networks, and offering countless 100-G ports, we scale and optimize for performance, capacity, and reliability. Our own global backbone interconnects with major networks across geographies, allowing us to route around common issues and offer an unbeatable SLA.

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“When the guy who helped design the networks for YouTube and PayPal says Deft’s data centers and IP backbone are the most impressive he’s ever seen, I trust him implicitly.”

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Demand for a flawless content engagement experience on any device, at any time, and from anywhere in the world is now the norm. But most CDNs are oversubscribed and struggle to support high-profile, high-traffic situations like live events, software releases, or gaming product launches.

The Deft CDN is powered by CacheFly and provides the dedicated capacity you need to prioritize and protect your content from noisy neighbors. Designed for high throughput, it delivers rich media content up to 10X faster than traditional delivery methods and 30% faster than other major CDNs.

“I’ve bumped into bandwidth concerns at every other data center I’ve been in except Deft. They have more bandwidth on their multi-carrier backbone than I could ever ask for.”

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Cloud Connectivity

Get the benefits of on-premises customization and performance, along with the scalability and redundancy of cloud environments. Deft provides low-latency, end-to-end connectivity between your IT environment, Deft’s cloud, and major providers like AWS, Azure, and Google.

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IP Networking

Deft’s private 100-Gbps global IPv6 backbone provides ultra-high reliability, low-latency, QoS, DDoS protection, and unparalleled performance. It features multiple redundant connections to major networks and fiber carriers around the world.

“Deft’s reliability prevents our headaches.”

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Data Transport

Get secure, private point-to-point connections between 2+ locations on our 100-Gbps backbone. Features include:

  • Bursting beyond committed bandwidth levels rather than dropping excess data.
  • The ability to create a multi-site private LAN with our MPLS services.
  • Layer 2 services allow the ability to pass any traffic, supporting, VLAN tags, multicast, and anything else required to support your applications, with no limitations on network topology.
  • 100-Gbps wavelengths, or cost-effective ethernet services to any location.
  • Custom private dark fiber DWDM and WAN solutions available between your site and our data centers.

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Custom Network Services

The Deft network engineering team can design, install and manage all of your network connectivity configurations:

  • Metro Ethernet
  • MPLS Networks
  • Dark Fiber
  • Local Access Circuits
  • Lit Services
  • Protected Wavelengths
  • Managed DWDM

“Having the flexibility to use Deft’s resources to manage our network gives us the perfect hybrid solution. It allows us to focus on what we know best and rely on Deft for the rest.”


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Communities

Extensive BGP communities are available to control your BGP traffic. See our BGP community support here.

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