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Connect your business to a secure, high-speed network that literally never goes down.


Deft operates our own private IP network, so we know a thing or two about resilient architectures.

By directly connecting into all major cloud services, peering with major networks, and offering countless 100-G ports, we scale and optimize for performance, capacity, and reliability.

Our own global backbone interconnects with major networks across geographies, allowing us to route around common issues and offer an unbeatable SLA.

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“When the guy who helped design the networks for YouTube and PayPal says Deft’s data centers and IP backbone are the most impressive he’s ever seen, I trust him implicitly.”

Endorse Corp.

“I’ve bumped into bandwidth concerns at every other data center I’ve been in except Deft. They have more bandwidth on their multi-carrier backbone than I could ever ask for.”

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“Having the flexibility to use Deft’s resources to manage our network gives us the perfect hybrid solution. It allows us to focus on what we know best and rely on Deft for the rest.”



Few companies have hands-on experience owning and operating their own private IP network. But we do.

We’re experts at engineering robust networks. Like, for real.

Cloud Connectivity

  • Direct connectivity between your environment, Deft’s Managed VMware Cloud, and all major carriers and hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Fully redundant cloud connections by default
  • Private layer 2 service for direct connections, public layer 3 peering for all cloud and SaaS providers, and redundant blended IP for Internet connectivity

Network Connectivity

  • Private global 100-Gbps backbone
  • Multiple fiber POEs
  • Multiple redundant connections to major networks and fiber carriers around the world
  • 100% network uptime SLA

Data Transport

  • Secure, private point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections between Deft locations on our 100-Gbps backbone
  • Dark Fiber, DWDM wavelengths, L2 ethernet connections between Deft and your location via network partners managed by Deft
  • Speeds up to 100 Gbps

Custom Network Services

  • Includes design, installation, and management
  • Metro Ethernet
  • MPLS networks
  • Dark fiber
  • Local access circuits
  • Lit services
  • Protected wavelengths
  • Managed DWDM

Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) Communities

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Flawless content delivery to any device, anywhere in the world
  • No oversubscription
  • Support for high-profile, high-traffic situations (e.g., live events, software releases, gaming launches)
  • Dedicated capacity to prioritize and protect against noisy neighbors
  • Designed for high throughput
  • Delivers rich media content up to 10X faster than traditional delivery methods and 30% faster than other major CDNs

We don’t just run the local network for you. We run the ISP behind it.

If something goes wrong, we can react when the ISP won’t. We have more power to keep your network running smoothly than any other provider.


24/7 support from on-site NOC and network engineers

Change Management

Management by seasoned engineers with advanced certifications


All the perks of a full-time network engineering team without the overhead

15 minute

100% network uptime SLA for your peace of mind


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Deft Network Services.

Can you manage my network gear?

Absolutely. We can manage your firewalls, load balancers, switches, and routers. We can also migrate your network equipment if you’d like us to.

How much bandwidth do I need?

It’s hard to know how much bandwidth you need without knowing what your business needs to be successful. A good place to start is by identifying all mission-critical applications and processes that rely on the internet or moving data between two or more locations. What couldn’t your employees do their jobs without? 

When you’ve defined what your employees need to be able to accomplish over your internet connection, it’s time to consider which type of connection might best meet their needs. If, for example, your business offers digital trading, low latency is going to be a high priority. This means you may want a direct fiber connection.

If you’re in healthcare or payments, privacy and security matter. This means you might want certain functions handled via an in-house data center or private cloud.

If uptime is your biggest concern, you’ll want fully redundant connections because, at some point, a serious storm or construction project will take down your primary connection. 

To use a car analogy, there are many ways to get from point A to point B, but only you can determine if you need a Ferrari or a Kia Rio. Just as different cars boast different features (safety, speed, fuel efficiency, etc.), different businesses have different data needs. Notably, these go beyond simple measures of data volume.

Why is Deft so good at networking?

We build new customer networks weekly, which is something that a person working for an enterprise might do 1 or 2 times ever. So we’re objectively better at it.

Use the Looking Glass tool

Run a limited set of commands (bgp, ping, trace) directly on our different routers to explore routing information and verify reachability.

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