Object Storage

Object Storage from Deft is a cost-effective cloud storage option for capacity-intensive applications and ransomware protection.


Your cyber insurance policy isn’t worth a dime unless you’re protected against ransomware.

Object Storage from Deft provides that protection.

Delivered from our global data centers, Deft Object Storage is a low-cost platform to grow your data on. We take care of all hardware maintenance for you — and unlike other vendors, we don’t charge ingress or egress fees.

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Seamlessly scale your storage as your business grows.

With Deft, data storage is easy and affordable.


  • Ability to create and retain air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data for use in recovery from a disaster event or ransomware attack


  • Annual SOC 2 audit supports compliance requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more


  • A range of ways to categorize and report on data via bucket names, prefixes, object tags, and inventory 


  • Negotiable rate limits
  • Tailored pricing models 

Durable and Reliable

  • Designed for 99.99995% reliability to protect against site-level failures, errors and threats, including replication between regions


  • Compatible with Amazon S3
  • Works with leading backup apps like Synology and Veeam


  • Keep your workload close to your data with <5 ms access between your compute clusters and storage environment


  • Flexible security features to prevent unauthorized users from accessing critical data
  • Object Lock feature protects backup copies from encryption by
    ransomware to assure restore in event of an attack
  • Server-side encryption


  • Scales on demand
  • Only charged for storage volumes used and transactions executed
  • No ingress/egress fees

Every stat on downtime tells one simple story: avoid it at all costs — or it’ll cost you.

Here’s what you get with managed Object Storage from Deft:


Ability to grow storage to exabyte scale in step with your business


Zero ingress or egress fees and unlimited transactions


S3 standard protocol, APIs, and software tools for easy integration

Customer Portal

24/7 support from storage engineers you can actually get a hold of


Decades of experience delivering mission-critical service for clients

Change Management

Change management coordination between your team and ours


Delivered on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid for the ultimate flexibility

15 minute

Object Lock makes data unchangeable for a specified period, preventing encryption by malware

“We were having trouble with our apps not sending data to Cloudian. We called up Deft, and they spent 2 hours talking us through it. It was a simple command line change and they fixed it. AWS won’t do that.”



Find answers to frequently asked questions about Deft Object Storage.

Why should I choose Deft for object storage?

Here are a few reasons:


  • Experienced engineers manage and support your object storage 24/7/365. We understand the technology well enough to optimize it to your needs.
  • We’re not a bunch of support drones. You can reach our storage engineers whenever you want and we’ll investigate/troubleshoot with you live.
  • We can make your auditors happy by actually showing you the physical racks where your company’s data lives in person.
  • We monitor your bills and usage patterns. If something looks abnormal, we’ll investigate for you.
  • We directly communicate with vendors on your behalf.
How much is managed Object Storage?

We charge $0.02 per GB.

How do I make my data immutable?

Turn on Object Lock.

Any data you upload can be made immutable by turning on Object Lock.

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