Veeam Backup

Get fast and secure backups of any app, any data, across any cloud — all from a web-based console.


Backups are only great when they work.

Veeam Backup makes it easy to get backups offsite to Deft, without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure.

There’s no separate console, and data is fully encrypted at every step. Backups are as safe and confidential as they would be in a dedicated off‑site repository.

Veeam Cloud & Service Provider Gold

Any amount of downtime is too long in front of the right audience.

Veeam Backup maintains your business continuity and your reputation.

Native Integration with Veeam Data Platform

  • Easily send backup jobs to Deft in just a few clicks
  • No additional licensing requirements for existing Veeam customers

Securely Designed

  • SSL data encryption at the source, in flight, and at rest 
  • Backup data protection from intentional or accidental deletion with insider protection services

Strategically Hybrid

  • Easily store backups off-site for retention, secure recovery, and more by leveraging Deft’s Cloud
  • No need to build additional backup infrastructure

Business Continuity

  • Full or partial site failover from any location to a Deft data center via secure web portal
  • Ability to meet stringent recovery objectives ranging from minutes to seconds with Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

“Deft’s approach to availability goes beyond backup, leveraging intelligent approaches to data management and the managed service expertise needed to make hyper-availability a reality.”



Follow best practices without investing in a second backup site.


Continuous replication avoids the data loss risks of traditional, snapshot-based recoveries


Save money on licensing and infrastructure costs

2 minutes

Set up strict recovery point objectives (RPOs) on an app-by-app basis

Change Management

Call, email, or Slack a real person for support, not an outsourced phone tree

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