DDoS-Protected Network Connectivity

Stop bad actors at the gates with DDoS mitigation built directly into Deft’s network.


All it takes to launch a DDoS attack is someone willing to pay for it.

When taking your business offline takes nothing more than a credit card, you need a network connectivity partner who can see it coming — and stop it before it does.

At Deft, we mitigate DDoS attacks for every client connected to our network. For high-risk industries and/or high-cost downtimes, we can optionally provide a more involved setup. Whichever level of DDoS protection you need, it’s always wise to start your preparations early. No one wants to build a plane midair.

someone buying a DDoS attack online

DDoS mitigation provides protection against the inevitable.

With Deft, you won’t see your server blink out like just another dot on the map, taking your business down with it.

Support for a Broad Range of Attacks

  • Volumetric attacks (generate massive volumes of traffic to completely saturate bandwidth and create a traffic jam that prevents legitimate traffic from visiting the site)
  • Protocol attacks (eat up the processing capacity of network infrastructure resources by targeting Layer 3 and Layer 4 protocol communications with malicious connection requests)
  • Application attacks (exploit weaknesses in the application layer—Layer 7—by opening connections and initiating process and transaction requests that use up available memory)

Continuous Rule & Protection Strategy Updates

  • We continuously update rules and strategies for your environment
  • Your environment always leverages the latest protection intelligence

    Immediate Scrubbing

    • The service monitors, detects, and automatically scrubs malicious traffic without taking your applications and data offline
    • Your environment stayss online without manual intervention

    Minimal Network Latency

    • Anytime DDoS protection is triggered, your traffic will be redirected to our scrubbing centers which may slightly increase latency
    • However, our DDoS Protection Service is architected with high-speed traffic scrubbers around the world, so you will be connected to the one with the lowest latency to minimize any impact during attacks

    24x7x365 Support

    • The service is managed 24x7x365 by our Service Desk
    • Should any issues arise, our network engineers are there to step in

    “Deft was instrumental in our mitigation/response today. Thanks, guys.”



    DDoS attacks are everywhere. At some point, they’ll be where you are.

    That’s why you need a provider like Deft. Whether you decide to proactively protect against DDoS attacks or establish an emergency mitigation plan, we’re equipped with the tools, the technology, and the boots-on-the-ground support to catch and respond to anything that comes your way.

    15 minute

    DDoS mitigation tools available on a continuous or 911-only basis

    Change Management

    Management by seasoned engineers with advanced certifications


    DDoS mitigation performed by engineers with hands-on experience owning and operating Deft’s own private IP network


    24/7 support from on-site NOC and network engineers

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    How It Works

    Deft offers an always-on DDoS mitigation service on a monthly basis.

    If that commitment isn’t right for your business, you’ll still benefit from using Deft for network connectivity. When our tools see something suspicious, your team can always choose to turn on built-in DDoS scrubbing for as long as you need it.

    Monitor traffic


    Deft systems monitor network traffic 24x7x365.

    Malicious DDoS Attack


    A malicious actor launches a DDoS attack.



    Deft catches the traffic and routes it for analysis.

    2 minutes


    Your environment is back to normal in <2 minutes.

    Clean traffic


    Clean traffic is delivered to your environment.

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