DDoS-Protected Network Connectivity

Stop bad actors at the gates with DDoS mitigation built directly into the Deft network.

Today, planning a DDoS attack is as easy as SaaS.

When taking your business offline takes nothing more than a credit card, you need a network connectivity partner who can see it coming — and stop it before it does.

DDoS Protection Data Sheet

DDoS mitigation is protection against the inevitable.

In the first half of 2022, malicious DDoS attacks rose by triple-digit percentages. We don’t want to see your server blink out like just another dot on the map — taking your business with it.

Downtime doesn’t come cheap. The average cost of a DDoS attack ranges from $120,000 for an SMB to over $2 million for enterprise level businesses. And then there are the brand and reputational hits that come with a successful attack.

How Deft DDoS Protection works

Monitor traffic


Deft systems monitor network traffic 24x7x365

Malicious DDoS Attack


A malicious actor launches a DDoS attack



Deft catches the traffic and routes it for analysis

2 minutes


Your environment is back to normal in < 2 minutes

Clean traffic


Clean traffic is delivered to your environment

A DDoS protection service made to match your terms

It’s true that, at some point, everyone will suffer a DDoS attack. But that doesn’t mean every company faces the same risk. 

If your industry is a frequent target — or if you simply prefer to be prepared — Deft offers an always-on DDoS mitigation service on a monthly basis. If that commitment isn’t right for your business, don’t worry. You still benefit from using Deft for network connectivity. When our tools see something suspicious, your team can always choose to turn on the same built-in DDoS scrubbing for as long as you need it.

 Ready to never think about DDoS attacks ever again?

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