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Let’s build the ideal cloud stack to cost-effectively meet the needs of your employees, customers, and partners.


Not all workloads can (or should) run in the public cloud.

If you have strict compliance or security requirements, a Private Cloud from Deft is your best bet for innovating like a startup and delivering like an enterprise. Deft offers the most flexible and intelligent single-tenant cloud service available, with full management of:

  • Log/event review and issue mitigation
  • Maintenance of backups and snapshots/ensuring viability
  • Applying operating system and application patches and service packs
  • Account creation and maintenance
  • Managing disk space, including provisioning new disks
  • Volume restores
  • Ongoing cost optimization
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Private Cloud Monitoring

“Talk to someone like Deft and say, ‘We’re currently spending a million dollars a year on AWS, could we spend $200 grand instead?’ Before you go laying off people, make sure your servers are straight. Don’t go fiddling away all that payroll on a bunch of rental servers.”

–David Heinemeier Hansson
Co-founder of 37signals

Managing Costs

Worried about the cloud and its runaway costs?

As costs go up and budgets need tightening, cloud deployments are being scrutinized — and public cloud repatriation is happening in force.

Organizations that once relied on major public clouds to test and grow found that the costs far exceeded their expectations.

A private cloud from Deft allows you to realize the cost-savings of owning — not renting — your infrastructure, without needing people on-site or sacrificing the quality of your services.


Get the scale of the cloud with the security and performance of on-prem IT infrastructure.

Deft’s Private Cloud is a single-tenant, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering delivered on an enterprise-class stack of redundant servers, multi-gigabit networking, high-performance storage, and a VMware-based virtualization platform.


  • Deft is SOC 2 Type II audited and PCI-DSS compliant
  • Annual SOC 2 audit serves as the foundation for meeting your own compliance requirements, including HIPAA

Customizable Infrastructure

  • Completely private cloud infrastructure and hardware
  • Dedicated or shared SAN storage
  • Dedicated CPU, RAM, and hypervisors
  • Total security governance and resource allocation control
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Global Locations

  • Available in all Deft data centers worldwide across multiple geographies

Monitoring and Issue Resolution

  • 24/7 monitoring of service availability, disk utilization, CPU and memory utilization, overall system load, and site responsiveness by the Deft Service Desk
  • Additional monitors available as required

Cloud Portal

  • Easy-to-use web-based provisioning and monitoring portal
  • Access to customizable, real-time reports on what’s running in your environment, best practice validation, security checks, change alerts, etc.
  • View real-time cloud performance data 
  • Ability to manage vCenter and use your own tooling and software

All of the Private Cloud goodness. None of the complexity.

We keep it simple with a customized solution for your business needs.

Connectivity to Deft’s scalable, redundant data center network and core routing infrastructure for low-latency, high-performance transit


Real-time cloud performance data accessible in the customer portal

Geo Redundancy

Fully redundant configurations across multiple geographies for total resiliency

Customer Portal

No more worrying about network, compute, or storage refreshes


24x7x365 support that includes infrastructure upgrades

Change Management

Direct, secure connectivity to existing physical infrastructure and third-party clouds at speeds up to 100 Gbps


On-demand access to additional virtual and physical resources 

15 minute

100% VM uptime when you modify cloud resources

“We had to migrate over 225 Windows and Linux servers and convert 30 discrete site-to-site VPN connections in under six months. Making it even more complex, the effort spanned multiple teams at three separate companies, and there was a reliance on individual customer resources for site-to-site VPN cutovers. We definitely could not have done this without Deft.”



Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Private Cloud.

Learn all about modernizing your IT with the efficiency of the cloud and the performance, compliance, and security of dedicated infrastructure.

What parts of a Private Cloud does Deft manage?
We handle the entire infrastructure, including all hardware, the VMware virtualization platform, and the operating systems on your VMs.
What are some common use cases?

Private Cloud is the right choice when security, compliance, and performance are top concerns. Key use cases include mission-critical applications, data center expansion or consolidation, and business continuity compliance.

What operating systems do you support?
Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, virtual appliances, and any other operating system you need.
Can I access the hypervisor or provisioning portal?

In most cases, no. As a managed service, Private Cloud includes management of whatever you’d be doing with that level of access.

How can I integrate Deft's Private Cloud with my existing systems?

You can connect Deft’s dedicated Private Cloud to all of your existing gear and cloud(s), no matter where they live. Private Cloud directly connects to your existing physical infrastructure and to third-party clouds through direct, 100-Gbps cloud-connects.

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