Remote Hands

Get expert, on-site support from Deft’s experienced technicians and admins 24x7x365.


This isn’t the Remote Hands Service you’re used to.

For starters, our on-site parts depot means maintenance can be done right away. No more waiting for parts to ship.

You’ll also get immediate support from a Deft employee who is competent in whatever you need. We don’t like phone tree escalations, either.

Our techs are exceptionally skilled in everything, from pulling cables to debugging kernels. And if you do need to ship something to the data center, we’ll unpack, document, and securely store it all for you — or we can perform the full installation.

Remote Hands service
How it works

We respond to your ticket within 15 minutes, guaranteed.

Data Center Shipments

Learn how to ship your IT equipment to a Deft data center.

Certified Hard Drive Destruction

We’ll destroy all data and issue a certificate of destruction.

Every organization needs to erase, destroy, and verify data-storage media before disposal, but not everyone has the equipment to do so. That’s why Deft provides on-site data destruction services for your end-of-life drives, SSDs, and data-storage media.

“You don’t have to get past the first level of BS to get support. It’s immediate, it’s personal, it’s intelligent, and it’s my favorite part about working with Deft. They’ve been super competent across a wide range of issues.”

Ars Technica


We’re at the data center when you can’t be.

Whether you have a one-off request or want Deft to stand in for your own team, we’re on-site and ready to help 24/7/365.


We can support your entire IT environment, from traditional servers and networking gear to disaster recovery and cloud operations.


Ever try to reach an actual human from a company like AWS for support? You can’t. But you can always talk to a real person at Deft, 24/7/365.

Redundant Power

You can reach our engineers 24/7/365 via real-time Slack chat, phone, email, or the customer portal. We’ll get back to you within 15 minutes, guaranteed.

Customer Portal

We stock a large inventory of cables and spare parts on-site for rapid repairs and replacements.

Change Management

No situation is too complex for our team. We’ve seen it all before and will know just what to do.


We provide fully managed cloud and data center migrations. Our team will document and handle the entire migration for you.


We’re certified in what matters, including VMware, Veeam, Zerto, Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery, and more.

15 minute

We can unpack, document, and store your shipments in secure storage lockers — or we can install everything for you.

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Deft, a Summit company
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