Managed Kubernetes

Simplify container workloads with Kubernetes management from Deft.


Get the best of Kubernetes without any of the complexity.

Kubernetes has become the industry-standard container orchestrator. It is designed to assist in the deployment, redundancy and growth of your environment regardless of the infrastructure architecture it lands on.

Our team will set up Kubernetes and any CI/CD pipelines, as well as monitor and manage your setup for high performance. That way, your team can remain focused on the containers specific to your business and the value add work within, while benefiting from the advantages of our trained resources tending to the Kubernetes environment as a whole.

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Save the time, staff, and budget it takes to run Kubernetes for another project.

Streamline your development cycle with Deft KaaS.


24/7 monitoring and alert responding from our experts

Super Fast

Highly Available

Deft deploys redundant infrastructure to support your pods and containers


Fully managed K8s transition performed by Deft’s qualified pros


All the perks of hiring a full-time K8s engineer without any overhead

“It’s cliché to say we can now focus only on our work, on our applications, and research — but we can, and we do.”

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Join the ranks of companies transforming their container management with managed KaaS.

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