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Let your team focus on everything but backups. 


Get DIY or managed backups supported by the recovery experts at Deft.

Because your runbooks are outdated. Because your production environment changes too quickly to keep up. Because your backup data is corrupted. Because you don’t even know if your recovery plan works. Whatever your reason, Deft is the industry expert in all things backup and recovery. 

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Disaster Recovery
Backup Options

Backups don’t guarantee recoveries, but we do.

Save your time, staff, and budget for other projects. Deft will keep your data secure so you can keep your company growing.

Veeam Backup

Get secure backup, replication, and recovery for data centers, endpoints, and the cloud.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Have Deft manage your data backup and recovery operations.

Managed Backup

Get Deft-managed backups with DIY (or Deft-managed) recovery on demand.

Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

Get fully managed backup and recovery for your company’s M365 data.


Get reliable backups for the data your business depends on.

15 minute

Back up your data as often as you need and set up strict recovery point objectives (RPOs) on an app-by-app basis

Clean traffic

Give each data set its own backup policy and schedule through tiered backup policies

Geo Redundancy

Copy backups to a secondary storage location or across clouds for boosted resilience


Recover data anywhere, including its original location or to somewhere else entirely


All backup and restores can meet your unique compliance and governance requirements


24/7 backup and recovery support from on-site resiliency experts who are accessible via real-time Slack chat, email, phone, and the customer portal


Save money on licensing and infrastructure costs


Continuous replication avoids the data loss risks of traditional, snapshot-based recoveries

“Deft’s approach to availability goes beyond backup, leveraging intelligent approaches to data management and the managed service expertise needed to make hyper-availability a reality.”



Protecting happy customers like these since 1999:


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Backup Services from Deft.

Backups aren’t expensive, but inexperience is.

What's the difference between managed and unmanaged backups?

With managed backups, Deft handles all backup and recovery operations for you. With unmanaged backups, existing Veeam Cloud Connect users leverage Deft for off-site cloud storage and handle recovery operations on their own.

Where are your backup availability zones?

You can deploy off-site backups across any of our data center locations:


  • Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Chicago, IL
  • San Jose, CA
  • Ashburn, VA
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • London, UK
  • Sydney, AU
  • São Paulo, BR
  • Frankfurt, DE
What compliance coverage does Deft have?
Deft is a SOC 2 audited company and PCI-DSS compliant. Our annual SOC 2 audit serves as the foundation for helping customers satisfy vendor management needs and meet their own compliance requirements like HIPAA.
What if my recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) are complex?
Bring it on! Your requirements may be as simple as the ability to point to a high-performance, high-availability target for your existing Veeam deployment — or they may be as complex as having multi-site backups with reserved compute instances to spin up if needed. Deft supports even the most complex backup requirements.
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