Data center modernization is a never-ending goal, even when the decision is to transition to cloud-first or cloud-native environments.

Unfortunately, the cloud isn’t a finish line. It isn’t a finite destination. In reality, the cloud is a (seemingly never-ending) set of checkpoints to cross. While providing tangible benefits along the way, the cloud continues to increase in scope and complexity, which makes it a difficult goal to achieve – even when working in a well defined environment like VMware.

The promises of the data center modernization project are valid, though:

  • The ability to accelerate workload deployments;
  • The ability to utilize the right resources for the right workloads;
  • The ability to introduce and maintain visibility and consistency across multiple platforms, both on-prem and off; and
  • Increased agility by seamlessly transferring workloads without network reconfigurations.

These are all objectives companies are looking to achieve. The challenge is how to make this work when resources – people and money – are always constrained. Add in the continuous introduction of new products and features on a daily basis from VMware, and it becomes even more difficult.

Our friends at 451 Research have recognized this and published a solid piece of research showing just how complex cloud environments and data center modernization projects can be without the right help.

Beginning your data center modernization project requires focus and attention to detail. The decisions made in determining your objectives and your first steps in the process will have material impacts on the remainder of your VMware deployment. Please plan accordingly.

If you’d like to learn more about making your modernization project a success, we’re happy to share best practices and the experiences we have gained over our 18+ years operating history of working with data center modernization and VMware. Just contact us.

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