In a significant stride forward, Deft has recently been named to the Premier tier within the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program as a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP). This invitation is a hallmark of distinction, underscoring Deft’s robust VMware offerings and signifying a stronger alliance with Broadcom and VMware.  

VCSP Premier Partnership Deft

A closer look at VMware’s licensing updates 

Recent updates from Broadcom have introduced a shift from perpetual VMware licenses to a subscription-based model, a change that has sparked widespread discussions and concerns among VMware users. The discontinuation of existing partnerships and the introduction of core-based pricing have added layers of complexity to the VMware ecosystem.  

Despite the apprehension, this evolution presents an opportunity for optimization. With profound expertise in VMware technologies, Deft is adept at leveraging workload placement strategies for the betterment of your ecosystem. Our team can help you assess and optimize your infrastructure in terms of cost, performance, and security, unlocking new avenues for growth and efficiency.  

By right-sizing your VMware infrastructure, there are actual pathways to cost savings under the new subscription model. We’ve done it for customers already — and we can do the same for you.  

Deft’s role as a Premier partner 

The Premier tier status awarded by Broadcom is a testament to Deft’s excellence and proficiency across multiple VMware solutions. Our larger operational scale enables us to offer discounted pricing, passing significant savings on to customers. With decades of experience under our belt, we possess the insights and skills necessary to optimize workloads for both performance and cost. Our service offering can include managed migration, monitoring, and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free VMware deployment that remains invisible to end users. 

Making sure your next move is a smart one 

In the face of these licensing changes, haste makes waste. Deft advocates for a measured, informed approach to determining the most suitable path forward. Our Premier status is more than recognition — it’s a promise of continued excellence and partnership with our clients. As we navigate the evolving landscape of VMware licensing together, our commitment to delivering value has never been stronger.

With our team’s guidance, expertise, and the newfound Premier tier status, we’re not just facing change — we’re leading it. If your organization is grappling with these changes, talk to Deft. Together, we’ll turn challenges into opportunities.  

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