The former CEO of Equifax appeared before Congress to offer testimony around the data breach which, as of last accounting, compromised the personal details of 145.5 million people. Yet again, an organization with the resources, the budget, and the technical knowledge to protect themselves against incursion finds themselves in a pickle of their own making. Most upsetting, though, is the way former CEO Richard Smith perpetuated the myth that “one IT employee” is to blame.

Proper governance and control in an IT environment should be designed to prevent the failure, or malice, of one employee from crippling your organization.

You should never rely on the competence or capacity of one lone person to ensure your security. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility between all of your employees and users. The saying goes, we are more than the sum of our parts, security is all the stronger because of a holistic focus.

If a $13-billion company can’t get their security right, what’s your hope of staying secure?

That’s where ServerCentral can help — through a focused and collaborative program of patch management, managed firewall, and managed network solution.

Your Data and Systems + ServerCentral’s Managed Services = A Safer Future

We provide protection from errant packets attempting to reach your equipment to OS patches required to keep you safer from the threat of intrusion or exfiltration.

Nothing can make you completely safe short of unplugging the internet and closing your business. But with us by your side, you’ll never have that “one IT employee” responsible for your security.

Together, you and ServerCentral can close the loop on your risks and welcome a safer future.

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