The question today isn’t IF you are moving to the cloud.

Everyone is already in the process of moving to the cloud, or will be in very short order. There are strategic, operational and human capital reasons for this transition – and there is no slowing it down.

The real question is WHY are you moving to the cloud?

  • Is it a business objective?
  • Is it a financial objective?
  • Is it a technical requirement?
  • Is it to provide stronger opportunities for your IT team to learn new skills and stay engaged with your organization?
  • Is it to save money?
  • Are you looking to increase agility?
  • Do you want to get out of the IT infrastructure business?
  • Are you expanding geographically / internationally?

“Why?” is a much more difficult question than most people and organizations recognize. All too often no one bothers to define the success criteria for a cloud project. The criteria is often implied, yet rarely clearly communicated across the organization.

We have managed and supported thousands (and thousands) of cloud projects and the inability to define a project’s ultimate goal, the answer to why, is always the reason a project takes longer than it should.

The cloud is supposed to be easy, quick and, ideally, cost effective. In too many cases, it is none of these.

What is your Why?

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