There’s nothing inherently wrong with shiny object syndrome — as long as you have an IT partner like Deft by your side. 

A lot of people still view the IT world as black and white. It’s CapEx or it’s OpEx. You either have servers in a data center, or you have AWS. 

In reality, most companies are best suited somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

Take this real-life example:

A customer of ours runs one of the top internet content subscription services in the world.

They were born in AWS.

Their engineers were born in AWS.

When their number of active users topped 100 million per month, their cloud bill followed suit.

They knew they had to leave AWS — but they couldn’t even begin to fathom how. It’s all they’d ever known.

So they asked us, “What’s the best way to exit public cloud when our entire company is built around it?”

We came in and recreated their AWS environment in our physical, managed data center. And importantly, we set it up in a way that felt familiar to them. reduced the complexity of having an unfamiliar physical infrastructure by setting it up in a way where they could consume resources as if they were just an extension of their hyperscale provider.

They ended up saving 10x/month.

Same thing happened with another client, PicsArt, who said:

“When an app is getting developed and launched, the public cloud is perfect. Teams can buy the infrastructure they need, fast. Six months later when business is booming and your invoice is thousands of lines long…that’s where Deft shines.”

But the moral here isn’t that Deft can save you 10x on your cloud bill.

It’s that Deft has enough experience across all of the different domains of infrastructure to give you a fair and competent assessment of what to do about your problem. In no uncertain terms, we’ll tell you that:

  • Workload A should stay in AWS. You’ll never be able to predict demand. You’ll never be able to optimize. Keep that in AWS, and either you can run it or we can help you run it as an AWS MSP partner.
  • Workloads B and C are costing you a ton of money. They’re stable and make no sense living in AWS. Put those on a dedicated private cloud.

And we can even take those steps with you.

Most vendors and providers are stratified on one side of the fence or the other. It’s either the cloud or the data center.

And even if they are a data center provider with AWS resources in-house, those AWS resources are typically for project-based professional services vs. ongoing managed services. Or maybe they’re an AWS MSP, but that’s their sole focus. Either way, you’re working with someone who’s inclined to push everything into their particular arena.

And that’s not what you want.

What Deft does is to provide infrastructure optimization through an unbiased lens.

We have real life examples from decades of experience of what it means to operate customers in hybrid environments, helping them to drive their business up and down the technology evolution as it suits their needs.

Garfield the cat lying down propped up on one arm and wearing sunglasses. Text says "we were hybrid before it was cool."

We have customers that move from bare metal to cloud. We have customers that move from bare metal, to cloud, back to bare metal. In reality, it doesn’t matter which direction you’re traveling. The technology transitions will continue. There will be one in two years, and another two years after that. 

The point is this: however your business evolves, you don’t need to upend your internal resources along with it. What you need is a partner like Deft to support you through it.

We have solutions that fit not just both sides of the spectrum, but all along the middle. And for most businesses, the middle is the answer 80% of the time.



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