Every company has their own definition of a managed service. This is ServerCentral’s.

What do you manage?

Any hardware offered by ServerCentral, including the operating system.

What don’t you manage?

Applications, software, and customer-provided equipment.

Are service level agreements the same for customer-provided equipment?

Yes. We offer 100% uptime on network connectivity and power, provided the gear is configured with redundant power (it’s free!) and redundant network connectivity.

What managed services does ServerCentral provide?

We manage servers, network stacks, storage, Veeam and CommVault backups, Zerto disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), private/public VMware clouds, Fortinet and Juniper firewalls, Juniper switches and routers, load balancers, hypervisors, and any other hardware colocated in one of our data centers.

How do managed services work at ServerCentral?

Colocation customers ask us to manage all or some of their gear in addition to or independently of their team. Together, we produce a runbook detailing a plan of action for every permutation of infrastructure management. Our team takes on the requested management responsibilities, and the customer can stay as informed and involved as they want.

Who manages my gear?

We do! System administrators, network engineers, and experienced data center technicians manage your gear 24/7. We can work closely with your existing team if you have one, or manage it all if you don’t.

What are your management hours?


Anything else you can take off my plate?

  • We can monitor, troubleshoot, and fix your infrastructure.
  • We can move you into our data center.
  • We can provide onsite remote hands support 24/7.
  • We can work with your auditors to demonstrate compliance with your requirements.

Can you manage some of my stuff and let me manage the rest?


Can my managed gear live in my cabinet?

Yes. It can also live in a ServerCentral Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cabinet.

Can I touch the managed equipment in my cabinet?


How many technicians manage my gear?

It depends. Between one and ten.

Can I have root access to managed equipment?



Sorry, no. In our experience, comanagement leads to finger-pointing. It’s just not scalable for production infrastructure.

How much are your managed services?

This is something we’ve struggled with, because it depends. For each service, cost is based on space, power, connectivity, hardware, and the required level of involvement. Our services—and therefore, our costs—vary from one project to the next.

What’s included in the cost?

Hardware, maintenance, 100% uptime SLAs, and responsive support.

If there’s anything else you want to know, ask away at jamie@servercentral.com.



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