We couldn’t be more proud of the staff we have. As luck would have it, they like us too! We asked our employees, “What’s your favorite part about working at ServerCentral?”

Here’s an uncensored look at their replies:

On Fridays, it’s the beer fridge. The rest of the week, it’s 401k matching and healthcare.

John Macchia

Friday afternoon Cards Against Humanity games…that moment when you realize you share same twisted sense of humor as some of your coworkers!

Nevila Qylafku

When there’s a problem, we have a culture of being up front and getting the issue resolved. Everyone works hard to get the job done.

Chris Dunn

All the free food, working with super cool peeps, tons of time off, and the laid back culture.

Teddy Jeong

The ability to install and tinker with the latest and greatest equipment is fun and exciting. The benefits given to employees really show what a class act ServerCentral is.

Bryan Yocum

I came here for the food. Haha.

Evan Ruffini

Free health insurance for a single person is probably the #1 biggest one. Good work/life balance.

Chris Haun

ServerCentral is a place you can make change. There’s no attitude of ‘this is how we’ve always done it.’ If you have an idea or better way to do something, it is heard and taken seriously. We’re all in it together. Everyone who works are ServerCentral takes ownership and is focused on moving the company forward. There’s no passing the buck, talk of ‘that’s not my job,’ or internal politics. Upper management rewards and recognizes employees for exceptional work.

Carli Coleman

Single-employee insurance premium covered by the company and the HRA. And birthday lunches. YUM!

Padraic Connelly

Not only are you surrounded by some of the best talent in the industry, everyone is given the opportunity to prove themselves. New ideas can come from anyone in the company. Even brand new employees are heard if they have an idea that should be explored.

Paul Armenakis

Free employee colo and a fully covered cell phone.

Chris Grahn

Wearing jeans to work, tied with getting reimbursed for classes that make me better at what I do.

Jamie Lowe

If you’d like to join a winning team and spend your time being happy to come in to work each day, check out our open positions. We’d love to have you.



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