New Relic

Software analytics company New Relic avoided knocking 35,000 customers offline by opting for Deft’s ColocationNetwork Connectivity, and Remote Hands support.

New Relic

New Relic is the world’s leading provider of application performance
management software. New Relic has been adopted by more than 35,000 companies worldwide, including ESPN, Nike, and Sony. 


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San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
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    New Relic’s legacy hosting provider was shutting down its facility (and the customers inside it) to move to a new data center. To avoid downtime and the risk of taking more than 35,000 customers offline, New Relic had to find a new, more reliable service provider. After taking stock of their architecture and determining their need for high-performance hardware, New Relic set out to find a Colocation vendor that could meet the demands of a rapidly growing software company.


    • a dependable service provider with a proven track record of 100% uptime
    • control over performance and hardware
    • an inland, US data center location with very low risk of flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters
    • a vendor capable of flawless and advanced on-site support for remote technical assistance available on demand 24/7/365

    “Deft’s reliability prevents our headaches.”

    Dave Peterson

    Director of Operations, New Relic


    New Relic felt that out of all centrally-located, premier hosting providers, Deft had the most customer-centric approach with total flexibility in the physical deployment. Deft provided highly sophisticated remote support, which New Relic would need to rely on with its own staff more than 2,000 miles away. In addition, Deft had an outstanding level of service customization, was willing to negotiate a nuanced and flexible commercial agreement, and supported New Relic’s desire to diversify routing through multi-homing—a best practice for continuous availability. In the end, New Relic felt the most comfortable with Deft due to a flawless record of uptime and unwavering flexibility from contract to deployment.


    New Relic deployed high-density Colocation cabinets with advanced inter-networking services at Deft’s state-of-the-art data center in Elk Grove Village, IL. Deft carefully designed the deployment, securing multi-homed bandwidth and BGP routing for Internet connection redundancy. New Relic was pleased to learn that they didn’t have to buy contiguous cabinets or a cage to make maintenance more convenient for Deft technicians.

    New Relic’s Initial Deployment at a Glance:


    Deft’s solution allows New Relic to cultivate valuable relationships with key stakeholders—its customers, the media, prospects, and those whose opinions influence others. New Relic continues to receive consistently high user ratings, which it attributes partly to the ease with which its team can plug into which customers are using the product, and how often they use specific features. This advantage allows New Relic to be agile, not only in terms of adding new features, but also in the rapid deployment cycle of fixes and features.

    New Relic made headlines in 2012 when it was selected as an inaugural add-on option in Windows Azure’s Developer Portal. Thanks to the incredible teamwork between New Relic and Deft, the launch went flawlessly.

    Deft also helps New Relic save money. Dave Peterson, Director of Operations at New Relic, estimates he would have needed to regularly fly at least one engineer to Chicago if it wasn’t for the advanced support provided by Deft.

    The biggest pay-off? Deft allows Dave and his team to focus on improving their product rather than troubleshooting.


    New Relic has not only prospered by catering to the needs of developers looking to understand how apps perform in data-intensive environments, but by housing its digital infrastructure in Deft’s high-performance data center environment. Since moving to Deft, New Relic has accomplished the following without a second of downtime:

    • quadrupled bandwidth capacity
    • tripled revenue growth and customer base for three consecutive years
    • tripled employee count
    • 85+ billion metrics captured each day
    • one million app instances processed at any given moment
    • maintains the largest repository of application data known to exist

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