I want to talk about the AWS Transit Gateway

I want to talk about the AWS Transit Gateway announced at re:Invent — in more than 10 words. This is really exciting for anybody that’s dealing with large, complex AWS environments, or has a sizable networking environment that they manage on-premise today....

The Benefits of a Connectivity-Centric Cloud

In June 2018, Comcast suffered a major outage that impacted their Xfinity service nationwide. As one commentator said: “For a minute there, it looked like the whole internet was down.” That’s a big deal, especially if you rely on cloud services to power IT at...

Increase Uptime in Your Data Center Network

As networkers, we’re constantly thinking about redundancy and uptime. We’re taught that multiple links and devices means resiliency, which can be true, but complexity in the network can be equally complex to troubleshoot when things go wrong. The classic Layer 1-2...


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