In the world of data centers and cybersecurity, protecting your data infrastructure is a top priority. While the seriousness of the subject can feel overwhelming, there’s nothing wrong with a little humor to take the edge off.

Introducing Cybersecurity Bingo: 2023 Edition, a light-hearted reminder of the ways in which cybersecurity has infiltrated our everyday lives. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • “You taped over your webcam” – Either you’ve already done it or you’ve thought about it.
  • “Change your password” – Because anything easy to remember just won’t cut it anymore.
  • “Your genetic makeup has been sold on the dark web” – This is what happens when you didn’t do a good job at the last point.
  • “You clicked a bad link” – Hope you had a sudden craving for malware!
  • “You are required to take an online training course entitled Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness– This is what your IT team makes you do after clicking that bad link. Hypothetically. (And yes, suffering through the acting in those videos does make it a punishment.)

Grab some daubers or a pen and let’s dive in (here’s a PDF version):

2023 Cybersecurity Bingo card

If advances in cyberattacks have outpaced your organization’s ability to protect itself, Deft builds IT infrastructure with security in mind, including sophisticated firewalls, backup and disaster recovery solutions, ransomware protection, DDoS mitigation, and more. We’re always happy to have a zero-pressure discussion on how to future-proof your IT stack.

Remember: It’s not just a game; it’s a way of life. Happy playing, and stay safe out there!

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