Deft has emerged as the victor for Data Centre Managed Services Vendor of the Year at the 2023 DCS Awards, securing the top position ahead of Runner-Up Navisite.

The Data Centre Managed Services Vendor of the Year award recognizes organizations selling and/or supporting data center cloud services in the EMEA market. Winners are voted for by peers and clients within the industry and the final winner is based solely on the public votes received.

Deft was nominated based on our work with 37signals (the makers of Basecamp and HEY):

To understand what makes Deft different, just listen to client David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH), co-founder of 37signals: “We love our friends at Deft. Good service is its own marketing!” After 14 years of depending on Deft to host its flagship product, Basecamp, 37Signals decided — loudly — to move its entire business from the cloud to the data center. Deft’s colocation offered an opportunity to own that infrastructure without needing their own people to manage it. Having trusted Deft’s managed services for more than a decade, 37Signals knew Deft could do the work without oversight or running up a big bill. In fact, DHH estimates a savings of roughly $7 million over the next five years.

That may sound like a unique story. Long-time client, big-name brand, major transformation. But it’s not. It’s just what Deft does. We do the work so we can honestly advise on the best solution for each and every business, whether it’s public cloud, colocated servers, or somewhere in between.

That’s probably why Basecamp isn’t Deft’s longest-term client at 14 years — not by a long shot. Deft’s average colocation client tenure is more than 10 years, some more than double that. That’s longer than the lifespan of most companies, and certainly longer than the lifecycle of any technology trends.

The managed services we offer may change as we listen to clients and learn about new tools, but the quality of our interactions never will.

Full details of Deft’s award win and the list of winners from the night can be found here:

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