ServerCentral Featured in Radware ERT Report

This morning, our DDoS partner, Radware, introduced their 2014-2015 Global Application and Network Security Report. Radware’s annual report is developed by their Emergency Response Team (ERT). The firsthand and statistical research of Radware’s 2014-2015 report was... Then And Now

Let’s take a walk down memory lane through–2000:ServerCentral 1.0, back when clip art was cool.2001–2002:Because purple.2003–2006:J u s t i f i e d  T e x t.2007:Triangles. Triangles everywhere.2008–2012:Clip Art, we meet again.2013:We...

What It’s Like to Work at ServerCentral

We couldn’t be more proud of the staff we have. As luck would have it, they like us too! We asked our employees, “What’s your favorite part about working at ServerCentral?” Here’s an uncensored look at their replies: On Fridays, it’s the...
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