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Case Studies

Take a look at how companies lean on Deft to solve their business challenges with technology.
  • Customer: 37signals (Basecamp & HEY)
  • Industry: SaaS
  • Service(s): Colocation, Private Cloud

“The public cloud was a great place for overnight success to happen. But it wasn’t sustainable. The sharp peaks in growth made it clear that we had a potential hit on our hands, and that cloud wasn’t tenable long-term.”

Burnham Nationwide
  • Customer: Burnham Nationwide
  • Industry: Construction
  • Service(s): Cloud

“Working with Deft is like having a consultancy baked into our tech support. It’s so helpful to have that full picture. We don’t need to go to multiple vendors, everyone’s speaking the same language.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: FreshBooks
  • Industry: Financial Technology
  • Service(s): PCI Compliance, Disaster Recovery

“Now, our engineers can shift their focus to making a better product for our customers.”

  • Customer: CDW
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Service(s): Colocation, Remote Hands

“We’ve never had a request that Deft couldn’t meet. With Deft’s staff, we just hand it over.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Ars Technica
  • Industry: Online Publishing
  • Service(s): Private Cloud, Network Connectivity

“If we go down during something like Apple Liveblog, our users don’t come back.”

New Relic
  • Customer: New Relic
  • Industry: Software
  • Service(s): Colocation, Managed Network

“We lean on Deft’s sales and network engineers for everything.”

  • Customer: Metra
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Service(s): Cloud, CDN, DevOps

“Innovations like these are possible because of the technical choices we’ve made.”

  • Customer: PicsArt
  • Industry: Mobile App
  • Service(s): Colocation, Object Storage

“When a great app is getting developed and launched, the public cloud is perfect. Six months later when business is booming and the invoice is thousands of lines long— that’s where Deft shines.”

  • Customer: SciPlay
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Service(s): Cloud Optimization

“The improvements weren’t just about increasing stability and saving on spend. A snappier, more responsive app creates a better user experience.”

  • Customer: Vizient
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Service(s): Cloud Migration, Hybrid Cloud

“With Deft’s expertise, responsiveness, and flexibility, we were able to complete the server migration on time and on budget.”

Active Campaign logo
  • Customer: ActiveCampaign
  • Industry: SaaS
  • Service(s): Colocation, Managed Network

“Having Deft manage our network allows us to focus on what we know best.”

DePaul University
  • Customer: DePaul University
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Service(s): Colocation, Disaster Recovery, Private Cloud

“What we could build was not equivalent to what we could lease from Deft. The Deft option was qualitatively better and less expensive than what we would have built ourselves.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Florence Corporation
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Service(s): Cloud Transformation

“We’re using public clouds in our manufacturing environment. That’s something we hadn’t anticipated — it’s something new Deft brought to the table. It’s made our manufacturing facility a lot more efficient.”

Coastal Health District
  • Customer: Coastal Health District
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Service(s): Hybrid Cloud, Managed Network, Disaster Recovery

“We have to provide continuous technical and patient services to our communities. Period.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Health Payment Systems
  • Industry: Healthcare Technology
  • Service(s): Disaster Recovery, Private Cloud

“Everything has to work right the first time. There are no reset buttons.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Oral Roberts University
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Service(s): Capacity Planning

“The No. 1 benefit is peace of mind. From endpoint to endpoint, we’re able to test for capacity planning.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Foresite Healthcare
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Service(s): Cloud Strategy

“We needed to know that our infrastructure could grow as fast as we were — without CapEx charges and 20-day provisioning windows. Deft made that happen.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Heficed
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Service(s): Colocation, Managed Network, Remote Hands

“We needed a service provider capable of meeting the same standards we promise our customers.”

  • Customer: Northeastern Illinois University
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Service(s): Hybrid Cloud, Managed Network, Managed Backups

“The flexibility in Deft’s approach to solving problems is a strategic asset.”

Florence Corporation
  • Customer: Rent Like A Champion
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Service(s): Managed VMware Cloud

“When you’re about to premiere on ABC’s Shark Tank, you either nail it or you don’t, and it will be highly publicized if you don’t.”

Financial Services Company
  • Customer: Financial Services Company
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Service(s): Hybrid Cloud, Managed Network

“At the end of the day, if traders can’t trade, it doesn’t matter if email is working.”

  • Customer: Verito
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Service(s): Managed VMware Cloud

“Providing excellent customer service is our top priority and we’ve found a partner with a similar mindset in Deft. Their service, support, and operations are rock solid.”

Context Analytics
  • Customer: Context Analytics
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Service(s): Managed VMware Cloud, Managed Network, Colocation

“It’s cliché to say we can now focus only on our work, on our applications and research—but we can, and we do.”

PSD Solutions
  • Customer: PSD Solutions
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Service(s): Managed Azure Cloud

“We knew there was stuff that we didn’t know. And we were looking for a resource that we could work with directly. So we called Deft.”

  • Customer: Seagate
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Partnership: Storage Vendor

“Seagate and Deft found a way to deliver, making what was seemingly impossible possible: meeting demand when many other organizations weren’t.”

Web Development Company
  • Customer: Web Development Company
  • Industry: Software Development
  • Service(s): Cloud Migration

“We reduced operating costs by 25%.”

Technology Company
  • Customer: Technology Company
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Service(s): Dedicated Servers, Managed Network

“With Deft, we didn’t have to worry about the hardware at all. It was magically ready to go. All we had to do was install our software and get data.”

Marketing Agency
  • Customer: Marketing Agency
  • Industry: Marketing
  • Service(s): Data Center Migration, Colocation, Disaster Recovery

“The opportunity to migrate our primary environment to Deft, along with the cost benefits, made this decision a no-brainer.”

  • Customer: HealthStream
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Service(s): Data Center Migration, Colocation

“They were able to deliver in a ridiculously quick amount of time. You couldn’t have asked for a partner to be more flexible and accommodating.”

Religious Organization
  • Customer: Religious Organization
  • Industry: Religious Institution
  • Service(s): Backup for Microsoft 365

“We went from no plan, waiting for the day when everything would fail, to an org that can (and does) survive that sort of thing.”

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